From script breakdown to onset services, I can help you with your production needs.

minitures to full sets

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Freelance Designer

Fabricator of Costumes

Wearable Assets/Mascots

Sets Design and Props

Film, TV & Theatre

I have been working in the film industry since 2004, I have created a wide selection of items from Wearable Assets (Mascots) and costumes for film and Television to Art pieces.

Below are just some of the items I have made over the years.

Due to copyright, I am not able to post much of my film work on this site, however, I have listed the shows I have worked on in my profile.

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My Expertise


Production Design

and Art Direction

I enjoy working with the director to bring the vision of the production to the screen or stage.

Short films, Feature films, Educational Films


Design & Build

I can design and build, props, costumes, mascots, sets, and set elements.



Props buying and sourcing for film, TV, or theatre productions


Set Design and set Dressing

Design of sets for theatre, TV, or Film.

Breaking down the script to develop the best possible set design for the production needs. Working with producers, the director, camera and lighting.


Construction Management

I have managed the construction of a number of sets and made items for some as well.


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