I am a passionate Mixed Media artist

I love using found objects to create wonderful artworks
that tell stories of life love and our world along with exploring our place in it.

about me

Sean Hurst is a talented artist, designer, and independent contractor based in Auckland, New Zealand. He holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree from the University of Auckland, which he obtained in 2002. Since then, Sean has been actively involved in the art and design industry, showcasing his artworks in numerous exhibitions across New Zealand.

In 2004, Sean ventured into the film and television industry, beginning his journey with Disney’s Power Rangers. He continued working for Saban, the production company behind the show, until 2010. During this time, he gained valuable experience in the costume department, fabricating costumes and props for the series. Sean also worked on the popular TV series Spartacus for four seasons, contributing to the costume department as well as taking on various roles in the art department and production design.

In 2017, Sean joined South Seas Film School, where he took charge of the Production Design Department. He excelled in teaching subjects such as costume design and fabrication, props making, and conceptual design, guiding students to diploma level. Currently, Sean holds the esteemed position of Head of Department of Production Design at South Seas.

As an artist, Sean has a passion for experimenting with different media and objects he discovers. He possesses exceptional skills in working with leather and creating intricate pieces, particularly in the realm of miniatures. His artwork often reflects his fascination with scale and the juxtaposition of different dimensions.

Throughout his career, Sean has maintained a strong presence in the film and television industry, working on various projects as a freelancer. His expertise includes art direction, costume props fabrication, set design and fabrication, set dressing, wardrobe, and more. He has also collaborated with theater productions, lending his creative touch as a production designer.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Sean has been involved in the World of Wearable Art show and was honored as a finalist. His artworks have been displayed in prestigious exhibitions, including the World of Wearable Arts & Classic Cars Museum in Nelson.

With his vast experience and dedication to his craft, Sean Hurst continues to create captivating artworks, contribute to the film and television industry, and inspire others with his unique vision. To learn more about Sean and his work, please enjoy his website at seanhurstdesign.com.

If you’re ever in Henderson, Waitakere, New Zealand, you are welcome to stop by our Studio.