I am a passionate Mixed Media artist

I love using found objects to create wonderful artworks
that tell stories of life love and our world along with exploring our place in it.

about me

I hope you enjoy your stay and I can help you with what you are looking for.

Keep an eye on this space for updates with new Artworks, Costume and Props for L.A.R.P. or just display.

Please note: the shop is not available at present, please email me for details about the artworks.

If there is anything you would like made please drop us an email and we can see what we can do.

I have been a Self employed contractor for several years to the film, television and theatre industry, and also producing my own artwork for exhibition and sale.

I have a large variety of skills and equipment for producing props and costume items for television, and can communicate ideas in a variety of ways to get the message across.

Thank you,
Sean J G Hurst B.V.A.

If you’re ever in Waitakere, New Zealand, you are welcome to stop by our Studio.