I’m A Passionate Mixed-Media Artist Based In Auckland, New Zealand.

Welcome to Sean Hurst Design!

Discover the captivating world of art and design through the creative mind of Sean Hurst.

With a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Auckland, Sean has established himself as a talented artist and designer in both the independent contracting and film industries.

As an accomplished artist, Sean has exhibited his works throughout New Zealand, showcasing his unique style and passion for experimentation. His diverse range of mediums and techniques, including leatherwork and miniature creations, add depth and intrigue to his pieces.

In the film and television industry, Sean’s expertise shines through his work on notable projects such as Disney’s Power Rangers and Stars Spartacus. He has lent his skills to various departments, including costume design, fabrication, props making, and production design. Sean’s contributions have made a significant impact on the visual storytelling of these productions.

Sean shares his knowledge and experience as the Art and Design through Mastering Art. He has thought to diploma level, he imparts his expertise in subjects such as costume design, fabrication, props making, and conceptual design. He has filmed and edited the classes for tutors on the site. Sean’s dedication to education ensures that aspiring designers receive comprehensive training and guidance.

On this website, you will find a curated selection of Sean’s remarkable artworks, ranging from thought-provoking pieces to imaginative explorations of parallel universes and dimensions. Each artwork is a testament to Sean’s belief in the connection between spirituality and science fiction.

We invite you to delve into Sean Hurst’s captivating world of art and design, where creativity knows no bounds. Explore the galleries, immerse yourself in the intricate details, and let his works inspire your imagination.

Don’t hesitate to contact Sean Hurst Design for inquiries about artwork acquisitions, collaborations, or custom design projects. Experience the magic of Sean’s creations and bring his art into your world.

Let the walls sing with the universal beauty revealed by Sean Hurst’s extraordinary artworks.

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